Deloitte Digital wins big at the 2021 Salesforce Awards

We are pleased to announce for the third year in a row that the Deloitte Digital team has won Salesforce’s APAC Implementation Partner of the Year award at the Salesforce awards this August.

The award - which was based on customer satisfaction, variety of clients, complexity of projects and the impact we have made for our customers – further cements Deloitte Digital’s reputation as true innovators in Salesforce and shows how we continue to lead the way for our customers and technology partners.

“We’re honoured by this recognition from Salesforce, and we remain dedicated to continuing guiding our clients in all industries through their digital transformation journeys and bringing the whole of Deloitte Digital around the world to New Zealand”, said Raymond Yong, Deloitte Digital Partner.

Over the past year the team’s strategy has been rooted in the reality of the world we now live in with COVID-19. They have focused on Salesforce solutions that look at the needs and future needs of our clients and how these organisations can respond, recover, and thrive post pandemic.

The Salesforce team expertise spans a broad range of industries and they have seen a large increase in client demand for their capabilities. “We’ve got both that local and global experience to draw on and share with New Zealand companies, and we’ve been able to concentrate our energy onto the things that matter most for our customers” says Raymond.

Innovation has been central to the Salesforce team’s success. The team regularly takes part in a broad range of training to ensure they are creating a culture that can match the needs of the technological world – fostering learning, speed and innovation to enable growth.

Congratulations to the Deloitte Digital team on what has been a remarkable year.

Get in touch with Raymond Yong and the Deloitte Digital Salesforce team here.