“Don’t tell me… show me!”

Introducing the Digital Forge

Sometimes the big ideas can be difficult to visualise and test. In constantly changing times, business leaders want more than an unproven concept, a Powerpoint presentation or ‘best case scenario’ plan. They need something more tangible to allow them to make investment decisions – and they want to see the ideas in action. This could be a new venture, products or prototypes. If it’s tested and proven quickly, leaders can take the next step in their transformation with confidence to be the disrupter, not the disrupted.

That’s the inspiration behind the Digital Forge, our new Deloitte Digital service offering. The Digital Forge aims to help businesses take a rapid step in their digital journey by focusing on a single concept and working at speed to test and implement a solution. At the end of a Digital Forge engagement, our goal is for the decision-makers to be able to interact with something tangible - it may be incomplete but should be enough to give them confidence to fast track an investment decision.

A Digital Forge engagement is intended to be as simple and flexible as possible. Each client context will be different however our method of working, and the partners we work with allows us to proceed at pace. There are no ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions being offered. When relevant, our team can bring in our vast ecosystem of digital partners to offer a tailored technology solution – from AWS and SAP, ServiceNow to Salesforce.

The Digital Forge includes four key services – Proposition & Venture Design, CX Design & Test, Cloud Prototyping and Growth Hacking. All services have been created to enable an entirely tailored approach for clients, whether they’re a large brand or a smaller organization, and all are focused on moving at speed. This allows businesses to make confident decisions without the guesswork and over-analysis that often holds businesses back.

Digital Forge Lead, Grant Frear, says, ‘Our objective is to support businesses to rapidly move from post-it notes to prototypes. It’s about doing the work in digital time.’

So far, the Digital Forge approach has already shown fantastic results. When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in New Zealand, the Digital Forge rapidly created customised solutions for organisations such as BNZ, Education Payroll Ltd and SkyCity Entertainment Group – and continues to do so in the current recovery.

Read their stories and find out more about the Digital Forge by visiting our new webpage.