Ensuring wellbeing during uncertainty

DeloitteRESOLVE's response to COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic put New Zealand into lockdown, employers and organisations were faced with unprecedented challenges, not least in co-ordinating and ensuring their employees’ wellbeing and safety. Our own Consulting team had just the digital solution – an existing, custom-built ServiceNow-certified application called DeloitteRESOLVE.

Previously developed to support health operations for a number of district health boards, it was designed to streamline operations in hospitals, improving response times and providing real-time data in one convenient place. In response to COVID-19, the DeloitteRESOLVE solution was quickly adapted to take those existing functionalities and adapt them to meet the demands of employers and their newly remote workforce.

No longer solely used to organise the workforce in a health capacity, it was evolved into a secure place where employees could record their daily status and location, raise any worries that they had and report any infection risks. In one contained place, employers can get a complete overview of their workforce, while employees can confidentially get support if they needed it. Management teams can also monitor and manage any risk of infection and effectively contact trace if required.

Our DeloitteRESOLVE team was made up of a cross-section of Consulting resources with experience in ServiceNow and change management and delivered the project under great time pressure, quickly assessing what organisations would most need from the solution during lockdown and adapting the platform to match. The portal has features that allow users to:

  • Update travel – A contact form means users can record where and how they plan to travel. This includes travel both for work and for personal reasons.
  • Record events - Event organisers or attendees can track which events they are hosting and attending with the ability to attach a list of attendees.
  • Report feeling unwell – Team members exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 can record that they are feeling unwell and outline the actions they have taken to prevent others from coming into contact.
  • Report interactions – Team members can report any interactions they might have had (from close to casual contact) with a person who may be unwell.
  • Seek and share information - Management teams can post regular information from trusted sources, as well as internal policies and procedures that are relevant to a COVID-19 response.
  • Discuss with your community – A forum can be used by team members to post any questions or concerns in order to share ideas with colleagues and enable management teams to provide a formal response to any frequently asked questions.
  • Log working status – The platform can track daily whether team members are working or taking leave, where team members are working and what they need from the organisation in order to be effective.

The platform also contained a pre-populated bank of knowledge material based on evidence-based information from sources such as the World Health Organisation, so that employees and employers alike had access to the latest information that they needed to keep each other safe.

Once the solution was launched in March, the team had significant interest from local clients and Deloitte member firms overseas. They were able to implement that solution for those interested to further support their operations, and in turn help Deloitte clients across the globe. These organisations who implemented the solution included some of New Zealand’s ‘essential services’ across agriculture, health and the public sector and references from these organisations demonstrate the large impact that using DeloitteRESOLVE had on their ability to continue to provide goods and services to New Zealanders in a difficult time.

Matt Dalton, Partner and ServiceNow Lead, says of the project, ‘it was really important to check in on our people, and start asking people how they’re feeling, whether they’d like their manager to give them a call. That information has been really important to balance both the physical illness of COVID-19 but also the mental wellbeing of our people and our clients’ people.’

The DeloitteRESOLVE team has rightly been proud of how quickly the product was brought to fruition, marking it as an example of how rapidly Deloitte can move to bring a product to market when faced with a clear client challenge. The platform is still available to run and can be adapted, however large or small the workplace challenge is in the current global situation.

Watch a video of Matt Dalton explaining the platform and what it meant for improving wellbeing in the workplace.

Please reach out to the team via nzdeloitteresolve@deloitte.co.nz if you have further opportunities for this product within the organisations you work with.