Keep New Zealand Working

A talent portal to redeploy workers displaced by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some of our most economically important sectors to grind to a halt. The implications have been immediate and immense for industries such as tourism, aviation, hospitality, accommodation and entertainment.

At the same time, there has been a significant and urgent demand for additional skilled employees to support New Zealand’s essential services sector.

Keep NZ Working is an online platform designed to enable employers with staff whose roles are affected by the pandemic to connect with hiring employers, closing the loop between organisations with a reduced capacity for employees and those with an increasing demand for them.

Both employers who are downsizing their workforce and employers needing to expand capacity and capability of their workforce are invited to sign up to it.

Candidates are provided access to the platform by their previous workplace, and can then register their skills into an online directory within it. Hiring employers can browse the directory and contact suitable candidates with new opportunities.

As a business-led platform, the talent portal is unique in the current market. The initiative lies with organisations to sign up, but in turn the platform opens recruiting opportunities for those searching, and allows organisations to more easily support their employees whose roles have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation.

Keep NZ Working has been designed as a joint initiative between our Deloitte team, SkyCity, recruitment agency Emergent, Counties Manukau Health, and the Ministry of Social Development. The platform is powered by recruitment software company JobAdder. 

Since its recent launch into the market, Keep NZ Working has seen a number of major organisations sign up, with several more currently in development.

If your organisation is interested in signing up to Keep NZ Working, contact: ​