Our journey so far

Keep NZ Working

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on industries such as aviation, hospitality, accommodation, and entertainment, causing them to come to a halt. The financial security of our economy, job market and by far our communities is ambiguous.

Recently we introduced Keep NZ Working (#KNZW), an initiative developed to minimise the disruption and help our people navigate the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. A collaborative approach has been taken to develop a sustainable employment solution.

As a business-led platform, the talent portal is unique in the current market. It enables organisations to deploy their workforce to other organisations when they need to but also re-employ them when the organisation is in a better place. This means the employers can pivot easily to the “new normal” based on the circumstances of their business.

Even since its launch in April, we’ve seen some great results with over 850 active users, introduced to the portal by some of New Zealand’s best-known organisations. Keep NZ Working has seen close to 100 of those organisations engage with us and those that have joined have built a diverse talent pool of registered skilled talent on the portal from a variety of job families. Active screening of candidates and hires accessing the portal indicate that it is starting to make an impact.

The initiative has required agility and speed, to respond quickly to demand. Our teams have been working hard to continue to build value on the existing platform, whilst looking ahead to some new features that will support those actively seeking work even more.

As well as the loss of income, being out of work also comes with other major losses, some of which can be just as hard to cope with. Therefore, as we move into the 'Recovery' phase post COVID-19, we are looking at the natural evolution of this initiative and how we can better support the jobseeker experience in the current market. This means organising events such as job expos, holding webinars on job interview preparation, helping update CVs, to advising people on how to keep positive and motivated throughout their jobseeker journey.

Keep NZ Working is a “NZ Inc” initiative between our Deloitte team, SkyCity, recruitment agency Emergent, Counties Manukau Health, and the Ministry of Social Development. The platform is powered by recruitment software company JobAdder.

The team at #KNZW look forward to assisting our communities and businesses rebuild for the new normal and make more jobs accessible to Keep NZ Working.  

To find out how Keep NZ Working can help your organisation, email nzdeloittepmoknzw@deloitte.co.nz.