Virtual Enterprise Risk Assessment (VERA) Tool

Designed to keep organisations resilient in a virtual environment

Against the backdrop of COVID-19, workplaces across New Zealand are rapidly organising their workforces for remote working. Having the right digital tools to manage a virtual workforce has never been more critical.

VERA is a bespoke dashboard providing business leaders with a dynamic view of their organisational risks when deploying virtual ways of working (VWoW). The tool provides leaders with information about likely risk areas so these can be managed and mitigated. 

Our digital risk experts will utilise virtual workshop techniques to work with you to understand the key risks and controls your organisation faces in a virtual world. Based on the outputs, we will personalise the VERA dashboard to provide you with pragmatic, usable, time-sensitive data. VERA enables leaders to view and assess risks at an organisation-wide level, as well as by business unit and by geographical split.

Workshops are run using virtual collaboration tools, which enable input from stakeholders in different business units and geographical locations. A VERA dashboard can be produced in a matter of days following workshops, as opposed to weeks using traditional risk assessment methods. 

The dashboard can inform Crisis Management Committees, C-suite teams and board-level discussions, illustrating how an organisation is managing virtual-working risk across multiple domains, including:

  • Productivity
  • Operations
  • Collaborative toolsets
  • Information
  • Health and safety

Using the VERA dashboard, with its dynamic profile view of virtual working environments, executives and boards can quickly and easily see where unmanaged risks are present. This means mitigation interventions can be deployed rapidly.

VERA will help your organisation remain risk-agile in an ever-changing business environment, providing you with the ability and confidence to make informed, effective decisions.

VERA Dashboard example

If you’re interested in how VERA can help your organisation, get in touch with Deloitte Partners Catherine Law and Reenesh Bhana.