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2degrees connects over one million New Zealanders every day. They’ve got the digital ambition to match that connectivity - their mission is to become the leading digital experience organisation in New Zealand by 2022. Achieving this goal requires ensuring their customers stay at the centre of everything they do and their voices are heard by the company in real time.

Deloitte collaborated with 2degrees over 13 weeks on a human-centred design programme to put the customer in the driver's seat.


It was the perfect time to pause and listen. The team conducted 117 interviews and analysed 1000 data points to bring the voice of their customers and their people to life. Taking a co-design approach, 28 experience interventions and 9 experience outcomes were developed and led to the design of three experience blueprints. These blueprints detail how to bring the desired, future-state customer experience to life, developing a roadmap incorporating key elements such as the opportunity size and ROM estimated cost and benefits.

“When you want to be the best, you need to work with the best. 2degrees brought the desire and Deloitte the know how. The outcome - a future-state CX blueprint that will deliver class-leading experiences for our staff and customers.”

Greg Moore | Chief Digital Officer | 2degrees


The future-state blueprints and roadmap provided clear direction for customer experience transformation at 2degrees. Customer voices had a significant say in the experience design and their views provided fresh insight into the development of guiding design principles and behavioural profiles.

As 2degrees continues to work towards their digital mission, their customers and people remain at the centre of their decision-making, enhancing human-centred design capability across the organisation and keeping over one million Kiwis connected every day.

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