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As one of New Zealand’s leading banks, BNZ is supported by a large team across the country. From a HR perspective, managing communications and processes for a team of 5000 was already a challenge, but it was restricted further by a heavy reliance on email notifications and email inboxes. The system proved to be time-consuming, lacking essential automation of workplace and workflow process across all standard HR requests.

What BNZ needed was a future-focused approach to optimising their internal processes that could bring in an optimal experience for both employees and the HR team. That’s where the Deloitte Digital team was brought in - to work with the BNZ HR team and implement ServiceNow.


Deloitte Digital took a strategic approach in the implementation of a new system for BNZ, beginning with comprehensive experience design workshops to bring in key parts of the business who could help understand the current employee experience. They planned a roadmap for the way ahead that could address any issues and bring in new opportunities.

Once the team had a clear idea of what was required of them from a technical perspective, Deloitte Digital designed and implemented a new self-service portal, powered by ServiceNow. Known as ‘Tahi’, the portal went live in just 15 weeks. To allow the BNZ team to hit the ground running, Deloitte Digital also provided important change management support, so that the leadership team could ensure that the portal could be used effectively from day one.


Turning around a large-scale implementation in such a short time frame was a challenge, but it was invaluable for the BNZ team. The HR team now has a single source of truth for all of their information, as well as digital forms with automated workflows and approval processes, structured case management practices, live dashboards, and real time security alerts.

For the wider team, there has been strong engagement with the new portal, with 91% of BNZ using Tahi after just three months. The greater visibility over their requests and information has in turn led to an improved employee experience across the company. 

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