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The Future of Work is a high priority on the agenda of boards and executive teams. Organisations are looking to make the most of the opportunities that are reshaping the very nature of the work they do, how it is done and by whom. BNZ wanted to better understand the parts of their workforce that are prone to disruption and what they will need within this changing environment to execute their new strategy.

The bank partnered with Deloitte Digital to define their future workforce strategy and to create a workforce composition plan, identifying the level of disruption for key roles, to ensure the bank continues to build on its strong market performance and position.


Deloitte Digital’s financial sector expertise and co-design approach, combined with Deloitte’s Future of Work framework, delivered a methodology for BNZ Enterprise Leaders and Executives to get hands-on and drive outcomes. The approach was anchored by three Deloitte Greenhouse labs. These labs allowed the teams to accelerate decision-making through data modelling, leading practice case studies and stakeholder engagements.

“The co-design approach was so important for pushing the boundaries and also aligning on focus regarding the Future of Work.”

Chris Boggs | Director | Deloitte Digital


Deloitte Digital’s expertise and focus on co-design contributed to delivering a unique project experience for BNZ. Stakeholders reported that the Greenhouse labs shifted their mind set on the Future of Work, and helped them focus on what is important. What started as a topic of great interest but with divergent perspectives ended with a focused understanding of the bank’s key future workforce capabilities and clear ambition for achieving their desired workforce. This aligned perspective allows BNZ to continue with its strategic programme, confident in how it supports business strategy.

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