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As one of New Zealand’s largest telecommunications infrastructure companies, Chorus takes pride in building and managing an open access internet network, rolling out ultra-fast fibre broadband across the country to benefit generations to come. As optical fibre ushers in a new era, telecommunications infrastructure needs robust and centrally located information. Chorus were keen to make sure that their data was both easily transferable and safely stored. Chorus were exploring the best way to centralise, store and manage large quantities of network data from across their national network.

In a collaborative partnership with Deloitte Digital, the team designed an alternate, high performance and scalable approach to the existing data warehouse. Whether by routers, switches, or copper and fibre cables, network data had to travel effortlessly for Chorus to monitor their network, and provide insights into network and service usage.


By analysing specific cases, the Deloitte Digital team helped Chorus gain new insight into the performance of their network services with a rich data platform based on AWS (Amazon Web Services). The data platform provided end-to-end analytics capabilities across data storage (AWS S3), processing (AWS Glue, Data Pipeline, Lambda), analytics (Sagemaker and Redshift), and visualisation services (Tableau server on EC2). The platform was designed with future-state technology, and enables a variety of analytics and reporting tools to be deployed to meet the needs of multiple user communities. It also provides a strong foundation for Chorus to model predictive maintenance and asset management.

“Our collaboration with Chorus leaves them with scalable capability to better manage and use their large amount of network data, which ultimately improves the standard of service to their customers.”

Damian Harvey | Partner | Deloitte Digital


Chorus uses the new platform to better facilitate the use of data from across their network, housing information on a platform that is optimised to the demands of the business and their customer needs. The data platform moves all valuable data to a centralized place in a fully automated way, and at the same time it builds relationships with additional data sources. This data is then available for use to predict future outcomes based on a model of what has happened in the past. Chorus is able to get different kinds of business and customer insights from this new data platform. For example, this will enable Chorus to identify and fix network issues before they occur, delivering better user experience for broadband customers.

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