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When it comes to broadband, consumers expect a fast, easy, experience with transparency and control – for the best value. It needs to be high performing and always working. ‘I don’t know what is happening’ is one of the biggest pain points consumers feel about their broadband.

To prevent this, Chorus must support their service providers (e.g. Vodafone, Spark, 2degrees) to innovate and transform to stay relevant. Information and tools supporting their network and services must be accurate, easily accessible and real-time. Application programming interface (API) technology is a new, easier way of getting information to those service providers and their end users.


Deloitte Digital worked with Chorus to deliver the API technology for their customers. By allowing for more competitive pricing and more accessible products, we supported Chorus to create new value and drive a positive change within the organisation.

Our team’s focus on the customer helped Chorus to meet their customer needs better than ever before. Deloitte Digital helped Chorus launch eight APIs to service providers and partners, and are on track to have 12 within the next six months.


Deloitte Digital set up Chorus to better adapt to their customers’ digital needs, simultaneously providing better value for money. Through great design, Chorus has strengthened their role in the market and improved their understanding of customer experience (CX) internally and externally.

With Deloitte Digital’s assistance API technology is now a pillar in the Chorus business strategy. Ongoing pilot work and future-proofed data means Chorus can unlock insights and keep ahead of the game for their customers. High performing, scalable platforms enable their business to make the most of its big data with faster, better informed decision making. In turn, their customers get smarter and faster broadband information than ever before.

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