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Education Payroll Limited (EPL) is responsible for paying around 96,000 teachers and support staff in about 2,500 schools every two weeks. Over the years Deloitte Digital and EPL have developed a strong relationship rooted in helping EPL and its stakeholders repeatedly achieve their goals.

Driven by the desire to be responsive to its customers, EPL had a vision to streamline development, test, deploy, and speed to market using a new cloud platform. They identified Red Hat OpenShift as the technology of choice for the platform and engaged the Deloitte Digital team to build this new capability.


Harnessing DevOps principles and an agile attitude in their approach, Deloitte Digital crafted the new OpenShift platform for EPL in quick time. As well as the required technical development, this work included sharing knowledge, building resilient feedback loops, automating manual processes when possible and driving product deployment with GitOps.

The result is a platform that serves as a strong foundation, providing EPL’s developers with a single interface for the entire system. Now they can automatically apply appropriate controls and security settings across the board without worrying about where the data is sitting — whether it’s in the cloud or in an on-premise system.

The first business application built and rolled out from the new platform was EdPay, a fully online payroll service for schools, which has enabled a new way of working for those who use it. It was also only the start of many more exciting service solutions that could be hosted on the OpenShift platform.


The creation of a unified platform has enabled those at EPL to deliver new solutions successfully and at speed. For example, the mean time to deploy a product using the OpenShift platform has gone from more than eight hours scheduled on a weekend, to under five minutes on demand during any weekday. Processes that required more than three days for approval and scheduling have now become an automated standard change that can be executed on demand.

As well as the increased pace, the platform also improves the stability, security and reliability of the digital offerings, which are crucial elements for long term risk management. Ultimately, the platform isn’t just for now – it enables a development environment that is well positioned to provide value to EPL far into the future.

Red Hat Innovation Award Winner

This work has been recognised with Red Hat Innovation Awards for both Deloitte Digital and Education Payroll. The Red Hat Innovation Awards recognise the technological achievements of Red Hat customers around the world who demonstrate creative thinking, determined problem-solving and transformative uses of Red Hat technology. We’re extremely proud this project has been recognised strongly through these awards.

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