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As part of their “Braveheart” business transformation programme, Farmlands engaged the Deloitte team to assist with developing change capability within the change work stream of the programme. A key part of this work stream was a focus on assessing and developing activities that supported the cultural journey of “from good to great”.


Deloitte tailored its CulturePath framework in line with Farmlands’ organisational priorities. The team then worked with Farmlands to create a baseline culture survey across all their business units, resulting in clear data to use for analysis. A visioning workshop with the Farmlands Leadership Team then followed, to examine the survey results and identify fundamental cultural indicators. These indicators provided baseline goals to work towards, with guidelines for success.

The priority focus areas were identified quickly and workshops were set up with the various teams, resulting in the creation of specific culture initiatives to match each focus. Alongside the Farmlands Change Team, Deloitte also further assessed these initiatives, ensuring that they would have an impact that would justify the time spent and built new digital tools and governance structures that the co-operative could use to implement and measure progress against the initiatives.

“Culture can make or break a business transformation; our collaboration with Farmlands equipped the co-operative with the capability and confidence to ensure the culture of their organisation evolved organically to support and enable their change from ‘good to great.”

Victoria Yeo | Partner | Deloitte Digital


Some of the company-created initiatives are in action across the co-operative, while key cultural indicators are being actively tracked, monitored and refined through a three-monthly culture survey.

As a result, Farmlands has a clear idea of how their culture is improving, and can solicit feedback and crucial data easily from their different business units. Following this collaboration with Deloitte, Farmlands have the right tools and structures to support the development of their transformation programme, and their future success.

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