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Fletcher Building have over 34 business units, each operating independently with their own environmental complexities and individual ways of working. When the Salesforce Centre of Excellence was established, the Fletcher team needed a partner to work on a vast programme of work to standardise, simplify and adopt best practice across the board.

The sheer complexity of the business units, with their bespoke environments, individual data and 2,500 users, was a challenge in itself. There was a lot to unpick before a solution could be identified.


Deloitte Digital team were brought in to support the team and a long-term plan was set, comprising of smaller blocks of work delivering incremental improvements and gradually building significant change. A mandate of simplification and best-practice was adopted. Deloitte Digital focused on the importance of templates, steering away from bespoke coded solutions for integrations that add complexity.

The Fletcher Building team and Deloitte Digital played to their strengths, with the external team concentrating on architectural and complex development work. While roles were distinct in the partnership, problems were solved together, ensuring agility and speed.

I was looking for a partner, not a supplier. Someone who could work the way we have to work; someone who could marry technical solutions with user friendly interfaces; someone who would do what was right for us not what was right for them. Deloitte Digital were just right for us.

Brian Joynt | Salesforce Manager | Fletcher Building


The project was a true partnership model where the internal and external teams complimented each other in working styles and ability.

With the work completed, Fletcher Building noted greater efficiency, streamlined programmes, improved transparency, clearer templates and visible standardization. On a further positive note, the changes were embraced across the business units with increased subscription figures.

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