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Fonterra has over 25 brands across the B2B and B2C space which operate in 26 countries. The extent of their scale and logistics presented the challenge of unifying their online brand to ensure a consistent, quality web presence is seen, no matter where in the world. Fonterra partnered with Deloitte Digital to deliver the Adobe Content Management System.


Introducing a single, cloud based platform gave Fonterra the ability to manage digital assets and web content with ease, while still tailoring content to specific countries. To deliver this global project, Deloitte Digital in New Zealand partnered with our Australian counterparts. The two groups offered a collaboration of confident expertise and developer capability, filling a gap in the market. This helped the project scale as change advanced, using local resources in development, project management and governance. Deloitte Digital now manages the full support services for Fonterra on their content management digital platform.

“Fonterra is now seeing the benefits of a common platform. Delivering a robust quality solution as well as efficiencies through component reuse across the platform. Avoiding the reinvention of wheel throughout their global network of brands.”

Mike Millard | Director | Deloitte Digital


The pioneering international approach means Fonterra can support a multi-tenancy environment and make a unified impact on a global level. Fonterra can also easily access key practices, code governance and common components on a single platform.

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