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iPlex Pipelines are a large Australian-owned and operated pipe and fittings manufacturing business, with manufacturing and distribution all over Australia, as well as New Zealand. They work in industry-orientated sales, with on-hand technical advice and promise their customers 500 core products in stock at all times; iPlex are proud of their stellar customer service.

Having already adopted the Salesforce platform, iPlex knew the next step was to integrate it with their pricing supplier and take their customer service to even greater heights. The Salesforce platform allowed iPlex to identify opportunities and deliver effective and visible quoting and sales processes. The transition needed to be seamless, create an improved experience, deliver efficiently and produce powerful reporting. To achieve this, iPlex worked with Deloitte Digital to harness their project management, planning and problem-solving abilities on this milestone project.


A detailed roadmap was developed for iPlex, Deloitte Digital and key stakeholders to work through the full business process changes, prioritise requirements, and create delivery work packages. With the objectives and tactics clearly identified, everyone was aiming for the same goal; reducing the four ways of quoting down to one approach and the ability to quote across multiple segments.

Work began and collaboration was fundamental to the successful technical integration. Deloitte Digital’s responsiveness supported iPlex to deliver even better customer service. In just a two-week period, they recorded and resolved 14 enhancements and six defects, ensuring optimal performance across the board.


The Salesforce integration has sent productivity through the roof within the iPlex pricing and sales teams. Measurement has shown the quote turnaround times dramatically improved, decreasing by up to 30%. Quotes are now monitored through the procurement process more accurately and, with better visibility and improved workflow, the power of the Salesforce platform was fully put to work, offering countless benefits for the business and their customers.

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