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Lifeline Aotearoa has been helping New Zealanders in crisis for over 50 years. The free community helplines are answered by qualified counsellors and trained volunteers from centres in Auckland and Christchurch. Their mission is to reduce distress and save lives through their work. With over 10,000 calls from people struggling with a wide range of issues, Lifeline needed to diversify their communication channels to extend their reach and give a better service to New Zealanders. Text and web chat counselling services were identified as the best way to do so, and the execution of chat needed a robust authentication and gateway structure to deliver on their existing safe and integrated services.


Already using the Salesforce platform in a modest capacity, Lifeline and Deloitte Digital designed a programme of work to deliver an integrated case management. Inbound communications needed to be channelled through an effective gateway, allowing counsellors to identify call status quickly. Prioritisation determined by key words was part of the solution developed by the Deloitte Digital team.

The clear and direct communication between Deloitte Digital and Lifeline meant the fixes were made fast and efficiently. By using cloud access, information was shared across Lifeline’s multiple locations with less disturbance to services and the enforcement of gateway, channelling and prioritisation rules also impacted the way support is offered.

“Deloitte Digital were the honest and reliable partner we were looking for. They knew what could be done, they were honest about what could be achieved, they delivered to every deadline, they were easy to work with and efficient. Best of all they were truly agile and responsive, they fixed things as soon as they were identified!”

Glenda Schnell | Executive Director | Lifeline Aotearoa


The new Lifeline platform is still in its infancy, but has already made a significant contribution to the organisation. The text service has attracted a different demographic who don’t typically reach out through phone calls. For Lifeline, this is not about decreasing the number of calls or increasing productivity, but providing wider support to those who need it. With this in mind, the project was a huge success.

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