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Over the last two years, Deloitte Digital has worked with a key player in New Zealand’s critical infrastructure. The team worked with this organisation to enable its vision to digitally transform its business, and to modernise the underlying control systems that power physical utility operations at its plants.


The Deloitte Digital team provide a fully managed Secure Cloud enablement service to help the client procure, control, and monitor cloud usage and data movements. We monitor this daily for alerts on suspicious behaviour and provide weekly and monthly reports to support accelerated adoption of cloud services in a safe way. We have also worked with this organisation to build a high-level design for operations to help prioritise server, ICS, and application upgrades based on risk and dependencies, to minimise impact to the organisation and to the country’s critical infrastructure.

Deloitte helped the business develop a strategy to work for them, providing guidance on structure, security, resiliency and vigilance. The resulting strategy supports the business with identity management, monitoring, redundancy and core protective controls in their ICS and corporate IT environments, and has helped establish effective governance for security.

The greatest impact on the client has been around building their foundational capability to be secure in their early adoption of the internet of things (IoT) and other emerging technologies.

Anu Nayer | Partner | Deloitte Digital


Deloitte Digital has helped the utility to be more digital in its operations and enhance its resiliency, while eliminating data movements to more than 10 high-risk cloud services. Deloitte has also identified and resolved two major operational issues to improve effectiveness of plant operations, and provided tailored security education to help staff protect themselves, and help the organisation protect itself better.

By applying innovative solutions and working in partnership with this client, we have guided improvements to existing security and paved the way for building security into the client’s modernisation and transformation projects.

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