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Farming co-operative Ravensdown works to support farmers in reducing their environmental impact and getting the best results from the land they care for. Providing both products and insight when needed, they operate across New Zealand in numerous aspects of the primary sector.

Ravensdown was identified as an essential service by the New Zealand Government during Level 4 COVID-19 restrictions. Faced with the need to operate at speed with a remote workforce, they urgently had to understand the current health, exposure and travel needs of their team. Deloitte Digital’s DeloitteRESOLVE platform was brought in to collect that information and make it visible.


The DeloitteRESOLVE platform is designed to be malleable – while it always works as a platform that can collect and report data in a clear way, the Deloitte Digital team can adapt it to meet numerous specific functions, depending on the client’s needs.

For Ravensdown, the platform was equipped for location and contact tracing of staff, the recording of site audits to ensure health and safety compliance and management of essential travel approval. All were presented in a clear and easy way so that users could quickly pick up the digital platform and enter their details in a few short steps.

DeloitteRESOLVE has been an invaluable tool to our organisation that has enabled us as a leadership team to rapidly get an understanding of our workforce location, needs and risks. This has given us the data we need to respond effectively to COVID-19 and gives our Board, suppliers and other stakeholders a high level of confidence that we have the right data in place to make the right decisions.

Mark McAtamney | CIO | Ravensdown


The platform needed to be deployed in quick time. As a result, Ravensdown were rapidly equipped with the digital capability required to respond to the immediate challenges of COVID-19. All the data collected was also easily visible to those who had to see it, making decision-making easy.

For a co-operative that has members across the country, the platform was also highly accessible. Designed to be mobile-friendly, its intuitive structure and easy features enabled a high uptake in a short space of time.

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