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Ricoh South Pacific


Ricoh South Pacific is the leading provider of print solutions, electronic document management systems and business equipment in the Pacific Islands. They’ve traded for 20 years, delivering and maintaining their products across a number of countries.

Our Deloitte Digital Salesforce team are proud to continue working in partnership with Ricoh to help deliver a platform which works across the different Ricoh departments as well as ensure a world class experience for their customers.


Following the initial project, we have now reached the second milestone of Ricoh’s Salesforce CPQ (revenue cloud) project.

We identified a number of high value priorities and rolled these out across two releases.

Release one required us to provide a platform which delivered quoting accuracy, quoting efficiencies and document automations. Ensuring these priorities were met was critical to enable Ricoh account executives be able to deliver quote within the correct product frameworks and thresholds for customers, reduce the amount of effort required to create a quote or proposal, as well reduce the number of document variations allowing for the quick creation of quotes, proposal and contracts in a way which also allowed for customer’s e-signatures.

The next release, release two, required the team to develop an offering which enabled service technicians to be able to generate quotes related on-site visits which could allow immediate customer sign-off, a way to integrate billing processes which allow all Salesforce orders to be picked up and placed in Ricoh’s back office system, and provide a way to quote exisiting in-stock assets to support Ricoh’s product leasing model.

"Undertaking any CPQ project is daunting. But now that we've implemented Salesforce CPQ, I don't know how we'd live without it. Pricing and product configuration is always accurate, it only takes minutes for the sales team to develop and approve quality proposals, and as a result order fulfilment has improved substantially. Salesforce CPQ is a "must have" if you are serious about exponentially improving sales productivity"

Shiv Narayan, CEO Ricoh South Pacific


By using the Salesforce CPQ tool, we are able a platform which provides accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. This utilises products, optional features, customisations, quantities, and discounts, allowing quotes to be priced quickly and accurately. For Ricoh’s account executives this tool has mean they can quote complex commercial printing units with multiple options and features within a simple user experience.

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