Insurance, but 
not as we know it



In an industry ripe for disruption and driven by risk, Tower had a unique opportunity to make an impression. They partnered with Deloitte Digital to re-design their customer experience and identify the most ambitious opportunities for the future of the brand - making their mark through the digital sphere.

It was time to shake up conventions and re-imagine their online offering with the years ahead in mind.


A customer experience blueprint for the future was born. Through the blueprint, Tower and Deloitte Digital reimagined customer interaction points through visual storytelling. Each outcome was illustrated through ‘big ideas’, challenging the outdated perceptions of insurance today. Guiding principles, behavioural profiles, ‘moments that matter’ and experience enablers, accompanied the blueprint to prepare Tower with a human-centred approach in their CX transformation journey.

“Digital change is core to our growth strategy and customer experience. The high quality product Deloitte Digital created has enabled us to embed our future-state vision across the whole business. We’re engaged around customer experience and bringing it home for all our people.”

Michelle James | Chief Customer Officer | Tower


Collaboration was the key in this project. Deloitte Digital used a co-design approach with customers and employees to create an experience to answer all needs. Led with guiding principles and behavioural profiles in mind, the final blueprint set an achievable aspiration for the future. As an essential voice to ensure Tower's place as a major industry player, customers were at the heart of the project, guiding the way to redefine the insurance world as we know it.

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