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Keeping a whole country clean and tidy is no mean feat. Waste Management were looking for an easy-to-use online sales channel for residential customers to be the cornerstone of their digital transformation and reflect what customers wanted. The solution had to break down traditional hurdles for engagement and make it easy for users to order a product with minimal clicks and distractions.

The residential sales channel was an isolated project in an ongoing digital strategy, so Deloitte Digital had to build with the future digital profile of Waste Management in mind, while ensuring functionally and visually, the outcome aligned with what already existed.


The start date for this project was October 2016 and the go live date was May 2017, with intermittent enhancements until February 2019. Keeping the execution simplified, streamlined and focused was key. By thoroughly researching their customers’ personas and testing everything back against this criteria, Waste Management and Deloitte Digital focused on delivering a viable product at pace. Collaborative sessions, flexibility, and a shared vision meant the two worked seamlessly to ensure that every facet was critical to delivering the best customer-centric solution.

They utilised the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud to deliver a product grounded in functional excellence and rich, usable data. Salesforce was integrated with a new operating system, realising the power of a single database and rich data.

Together Deloitte Digital and Waste Management have developed a partnership that is grounded in a shared language and focus on delivering results. The desire for success, the open dialogue, the honest and robust feedback process and agility are qualities we share and the key contributors to our successful projects.

Darryl Michaux | Customer and Digital Delivery Manager | Waste Management


When simplicity and speed are objectives, a customer order placed in just four clicks of a mouse is a success. The website is clean, easy to use and only delivers the information customers actually need. One of the biggest measures of success was what this project delivered in cultural change within the team who delivered the project in Waste Management. The agility to reshape plans and the speed to market showed the business that they could be flexible and innovative.

The project management structure used here has now been implemented across other projects within the team with similar success.

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