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Wellington Water


Balancing multiple communication channels presents a unique challenge for Wellington Water, who operate water services for six councils in the Wellington region. Their journey began before this project, with Deloitte Digital equipping them with the tools for success by building a data warehouse, comprised of a data layer taken from council information and standardising it for reports.

However, having that data was just the start. Wellington Water needed to find a way to streamline request tickets across their systems and build a clear line of communication between the council and Wellington Water’s contracted service providers who were responsible for maintenance and repairs. That’s where Deloitte Digital came in with a solution.


A cloud service bus was developed with common API gateway, to allow the external council customer service systems to seamlessly integrate with Wellington Water’s own management system. Once active, real time information could be relayed between the council and their customers to those service providers directly dealing with repairs. The Deloitte Digital team also introduced new server architecture to cut running costs, and utilised Amazon Web Services database technologies to enable the team to create strong visual reports.

This work was completed successfully with both the Deloitte Digital and Wellington Water teams working closely together on site, an essential approach that ensured everyone was happy with the changes being made and they had time to feel comfortable with new systems.

“Deloitte Digital New Zealand were very responsive, making a real effort to understand our needs and deliver precisely what we needed. They were also prepared to challenge the business and provide key insights when required. Ultimately, it was very much a two-way partnership – and one that continues on today.”

Oliver Mander | Information Manager | Wellington Water


The effects of the implementation have been significant, automating a process that previously took multiple steps to complete. The service bus was designed to be entirely scalable, and, since its introduction Wellington Water have onboarded another large council client onto the system effortlessly. It’s been a significant step in their digital journey, and a strong example of what cloud technology can do for process automation.

Moving to cloud technology has also supported Wellington Water to overcome previous security challenges, while the clear flow of information has allowed for optimal visibility over processes. As a result, it’s allowed the team to collect verifiable data around performance – information that they can continue to use as they scale up in the future.  

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