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Wellington Water was created to promote a shared model for efficient water management and economies of scale between Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua and Wellington City councils. The initial ‘Wellington Water’ model delivered great benefits. However, it was practically impossible to carry out analytics on the data across all councils or to support efficient processes.

The vision was to transform water management for the greater Wellington region. The challenge was to aggregate the councils' many disconnected systems into a meaningful analytics and reporting platform.


To complete the original plans for achieving cost advantages, the Deloitte Digital team put in place a blueprint for a three-year transformation of council data, information and knowledge. They worked closely with Wellington Water to automate the AWS infrastructure over eight months to improve the use of data and add analytics features across councils.

“The essence of the challenge was a human one - and success was based on choosing the right partner to help deliver and orchestrate different councils.”

Oliver Mander | Information Manager | Wellington Water


The work has produced new insights on water usage.  All the data was aggregated through a sophisticated but elegant AWS solution. Stakeholders, city planners and data stewards can now access standardised data that enables greater performance insights and underpins decision-making. Councils can now identify inefficiencies and risks.

In future, the potential to minimise service disruption and deliver cost savings are enormous.  New information systems will enable Wellington Water to deliver a further step-change in its service delivery, through standardising asset processes and moving to predictive modelling of service failures.


“Being cloud-based, enhanced security and cost savings were inherently part of the solution from the start. However, we were able to expand on these features to offer a powerful data platform capable of producing sophisticated analytics that many councils can take advantage of.”

Partner | Deloitte Digital

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