Most organisations have vast volumes of data, but comparatively limited insight. 

At Deloitte Digital, our analytics team helps clients generate valuable insights from their data assets.

Cognitive machine learning

The advancement of computing power has enabled organisations to use cognitive machine learning to great effect, allowing them to simultaneously analyse both internal and external data to identify key opportunities at speed. Deloitte Digital works to enable this capability for our clients, providing business solutions and innovative statistical techniques to automate complex procedures for later use.

Prototyping/real time analytics

We introduce our clients to the concepts of automated analytics solutions, designed to clarify complex data sources in real time and provide rationale supporting big decisions. These cloud analytics solutions can also allow for the creation of analytic prototypes, and the wireframing of data, creating a big-picture view over extensive detail in seconds.

Data governance

Ensuring the highest quality of data, in all its uses, is an essential part of a digital organisation, but recognising data governance's business value can be a challenge. We provide the clear benefits and risks that come with investing in data governance, ensuring that businesses spend the right amount of time and capital on data regulation.

Risk analytics

Risk, fraud, regulation, litigation and uncertainty may be inevitable, but with the right knowledge, these factors can be managed and turned to strategic advantage. We help clients extract deep insight and insightful predictions from eclectic data sources, leveraging the vast analytical firepower in the Deloitte Analytics Hub or using client infrastructure. 

Insights/data strategy

In order to become an Insight Driven Organisation, companies must have a comprehensive data strategy in place to inform all aspects of their operation. At Deloitte Digital, we help our clients to define their strategy, weaving analytics into all facets of their business to solve complex challenges and answer all of their important questions.

Innovation labs

Our clients can uncover the potential of their data through our half and full day innovation labs. These labs are designed to be an immersive experience for developing a coherent vision and a structured roadmap for achieving analytics goals. We use our experience of embedding analytics with our clients and tailor every session to achieve the desired outcomes.

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