Our cyber services prepare you for the risks of the digital world, ensuring you remain secure, vigilant and resilient.

We work to provide protection, whether our clients need to monitor their data security or identify the source of a breach.

Identity and access management

Identities - whether they're people, systems or devices - are an integral part of digital services. At Deloitte Digital, we help you manage these identities to protect your assets and enhance customer experience. Starting with an identity strategy, we help you install practical technology, enable relevant access and advance solutions to streamline your networks from the inside out.

Cyber physical systems

As designs that link the virtual with the tangible, cyber physical systems are inevitably complex. However, that means that many traditional security products aren't fully equipped to protect these systems from attack. To combat this we've developed a comprehensive resilience suite for ICT / OT networks, designed to give our clients clear visibility and essential protection against external risks.

Secure cloud

Using cloud services can be valuable for collaboration and oversight, but they’re often a security risk - after all, you cannot manage what you cannot see. We accelerate your cloud adoption by delivering secure management and access, as well as preventing potential compromises, so our clients can enjoy all the benefits, without the risk of putting important data in harm's way.

Data ethics

Data ethics and privacy are fundamental human rights issues that pervade every aspect of our lives. We apply innovative thinking about data ethics – focused on protecting the rights of the individual while enabling organisations to continue to operate their business. As the legal landscape changes, we also help clients maintain compliance with regulations, such as the EU GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and others.


In a digital world, vigilance and visibility are essential. Using a combination of threat data, machine learning and AI, IT data and business context, our Cyber Ops team gives clients the latest intelligence they need to proactively detect and manage the risk of cyber threats, and respond effectively in the event of an incident.

Cyber incident and crisis response

Cyber disruptions can have a huge impact on businesses, so Deloitte Digital offers proactive and reactive services to help our clients respond when the unthinkable occurs. We operate a 24/7 Cyber Incident and Crisis Response partnering service, where we act as first responders to lead the investigation, response and business restoration efforts. We also build our clients’ muscle memory through cyber war games and simulations.

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