Exceptional design should captivate an audience.

With our team of design specialists, we put the customer at the heart of any digital journey for an intuitive, effortless experience.

Digital customer research

Deloitte Digital's design team knows that engaging first-hand with customers is the key to understanding how users experience a product or service. That's why we use empathetic customer research methods to walk in their shoes and gather valuable insight, before using that information to inform the design of truly user-friendly products and strategies.

Customer experience maturity assessment

Deloitte Digital's customer experience maturity assessment provides a clear analysis into how an organisation is performing against industry peers, and against the current digital gold standard. Our customer experience team customises their assessment to understand the needs of each of our clients' unique user profiles, and identifies what is still to be done to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Design coaching

At Deloitte Digital, our creative process is centred around "design thinking" - an innovative way of solving problems and guiding ideas through customer empathy. We apply design thinking when taking clients through our comprehensive design coaching, where blended teams are given the tools and methods that they need to achieve their goals and craft the unforgettable.


Deloitte Digital's physical and digital prototyping methods test ideas to problem-solve the unpredictable. We create prototypes across many stages of a project – from concept experiments to wireframes, information architecture design, physical simulation and service enactments. This way we can recognise areas of failure early on in the process, reducing the risk inherent in the problem solving process.

Design labs and Greenhouse experiences

Sometimes innovation needs a change of scenery. Our Greenhouse experiences are designed according to principles of group dynamics, environmental psychology, and innovation theory, to help our clients clear the operational obstructions in their path and find new and exciting ways to work. Together with our design labs, we can help clients achieve their creative goals.

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