Every important journey needs a map.

Our strategy services guide clients through their digital transformation from start to finish, setting out a clear direction and achievable goals.

Digital maturity assessment

Change can be daunting, and with many businesses at different stages of their digital journey, it can be difficult for companies to judge their own digital readiness. Our digital maturity diagnostic assessment identifies the focus areas needed for our clients to achieve their goals, and where the gaps are. It also shows where the organisation stands against its industry competitors.

Digital transformation strategy

Updating digital systems is essential but all too often, it requires a significant transformation from traditional models. With our digital transformation strategy, we guide organisations from a product or service mentality to a fully-fledged digital offering, designed to deliver enduring customer relevance at a significant scale. We do this through using established tools and tangible goals.

Business case development

Our business case development provides clients with a roadmap through tricky financial decisions, ensuring that they make the right investments for their future. This can include a range of approaches, depending on each client's needs, from performing cost benefit analyses and setting investment objectives to putting forward commercial propositions around procurements and risks.

Growth strategy/market assessment

Deloitte Digital's growth strategies help organisations reinvigorate their business model to expand with the latest technology. The ability to grow alongside new trends, rather than behind them, is a trait of industry leaders. Deloitte Digital's tailored growth strategies offer clear guidelines to companies who want to achieve that room for expansion and be pioneers in their industry.

Customer and competitive strategy

Creating a customer strategy is crucial when it comes to leaving a great impression. Deloitte Digital works with companies to develop their traditional customer service channels, optimising both front-facing services and back-office processes for a streamlined experience. We couple this service with a competitor analysis, taking account of market alternatives and surpassing them in ways that are both unique and bold.

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